The Internet

Internets are public networks that connect two or more computer networks together. There is typically only one network called the Internet, it uses the TCP/IP protocol suite as a transport, and provides for the following popular services:

  • Email
  • FTP
  • WWW (World Wide Web)

Originally  "The Internet" was setup during the late 1960's as a means for Research Institutions and the Department of Defense to communicate on their shared defense projects.  A secondary benefit was as a backup for general communication should disaster strike and the public phone system was damaged.  During the late 1980's, the commercial & business sector started making use of this "Network" as a tool to extend their computing power, and provide information to prospects, clients, partners, and employees.  

Today the Internet is thought of as a commercial resource, even though its origin was as a resource of National Defense. Every day commercial & public organizations are finding new ways to make use of Resources and Services on the Internet to improve how they conduct their daily operations.  Whether its a Corporate Web site that provides information to prospects, clients, customers, or partners and diminished the amount of phone calls the organization has to answer to provide the same info, or its a full blown e-Commerce solution, reaching new customers, and transacting business without direct human intervention, the Internet is helping organizations be more efficient, profitable, and reaching more people.

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