Free Network Health Checkup

Networking analysis from technology experts

Our Solutions consultants will provide a free on-site analysis and assessment of your current I.T. solution.

Included in the analysis are: 
  • Review of your current network infrastructure (Hubs, Switches, Routers, Firewalls etc)
  • Hardware and software review of your Microsoft NT / 2000 / XP servers or Novell 3x / 4x / 5x / 6x servers
  • Tape Backup Solution review (Hardware, tape rotation plan, software configuration)
  • Protocol configurations (analysis of a your "Typical" desktop system)
  • Recommendations for Hardware upgrades, software updates, performance tuning & optimization, Network reconfiguration, and any associated installation services
  • A detailed implementation plan, based upon priorities you set based on the Recommendations provided by Enterprising I.T. Solutions.
The Free Network Health Checkup is a value of up to $200 - Free, based on up to two hours of analysis. The recommendations, and proposed implementation plans will be provided in a written format, and delivered at a follow-up consultation / meeting.

Enterprising I.T. Solutions also provides professional services including full scale virus protection solutions, integrated security, remote support & systems management, as well as Desktop deployment and optimization services.

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 or Email us: Solutions @ EntSols.com

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