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At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we're not just looking for Top Notch Technician, we're looking for individuals with the ability to understand the needs of emerging organizations, quickly assimilate new technologies, and how they can be deployed to the advantage of growing organizations.

To be successful our consultants need to not only be able to learn quickly, but also to effectively and efficiently communicate how new technologies can help our clients.  Communicating this "Technical" information in a manner easily understood by the "Non-Technical" is instrument to our success as an organization.


Security Consultants

  • Background (3-5 years in one or more of the following)
    • LAN security auditing
    • Content management / restrictions
    • Firewalls, design, implementation, management
    • Proxy systems
    • Integration of Intrusion detection / prevention systems
    • Internet monitoring, and filtering solutions both hardware and software based
    • Integration of multi-level security solutions
  • Skills
    • Researching emerging technologies
    • Client security analysis
    • Security solution design and recommendation
    • Implementation & troubleshooting
  • Experience
    • Router security
    • Firewall security
    • VPNs
    • Certificates & Key Cards
    • ExtraNets
    • DMZs

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LAN/WAN Engineers

  • Background (3-5 years Implementation, Management, or Troubleshooting in one or more of the following)
    • Microsoft networks
    • Novell networks
    • Unix / Linux networks
    • WAN Solutions (DSL, ISDN, Cable)
  • Certifications
    • MCSE
    • CNE
    • MCNE
    • Unix Certified Solutions Engineers 
  • Skills
    • Plan, recommend, design, and implement secure, manageable solution for clients networking needs.
    • Diagnose, research and repair networking issues
    • Performance tune solution (software & hardware)
    • Resolve client desktop to server connectivity problems
  • Experience
    • Managing 20+ user solutions
    • Upgrading servers (software & hardware)
    • Security planning (File Rights, Access Permissions)
    • Designing login process / scripts
    • Integrating local workstation security with Network security and management solutions.

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Data Protection Specialists

  • Background (3-5 years in one or more of the following)
    • Unix data management & recovery
    • Windows 9x, NT/2000, XP & 2003 Server data management & recovery
    • NetWare 3.x / 4.x / 5.x / 6.x data management & recovery
    • Virus protection for various platforms
    • Intrusion detection / prevention solutions
    • Firewall solutions
    • Content filtering solutions
  • Skills
    • Basic and advanced implementation, configuration, management and recovery using industry standards based solutions, as well as specialty applications
  • Experience
    • Working with leading software & hardware solutions various platforms (Unix workstations  & servers, Microsoft workstations & servers, Novell servers)
    • Data recovery (damaged drive / volume / partition) for various platforms
    • RAID 5 solutions
    • Tape Library & AutoChanger solutions
    • Self managed archival solutions

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Desktop Solutions Specialists

  • Background (3-5 years in one or more of the following)
    • Windows desktop implementation, support, and upgrades
    • Unix desktop implementation, support, and upgrades
  • Skills
    • Hardware implementation, troubleshooting, and repair / replacement
    • Software OS Implementation, upgrade, troubleshooting, tuning.
    • Driver replacement, configuration, recommendations
    • Specialty software diagnosis
  • Experience
    • Working with current and emerging desktop platforms
    • Upgrading desktop solutions
    • Patching, tuning, and repairing configurations

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  • Background (2-3 years in one of the following)
    • IT Services, 
    • Pre or Post Sales Support
    • Project Management
    • Solutions Engineers
    • Systems Engineers
    • Sales Engineers
  • Skills
    • Client relationship management
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Project management
    • One or more IT technologies (Networking, Security, Internet, Data protection)
  • Experience
    • Managing IT projects, single phase and multi-phase solutions.
    • Working with clients, and IT implementation teams in deploying multi product solutions.
    • Researching, designing, and recommending solutions to prospects, clients and partners.

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Web Architects

  • Background (3-5 years in one or more of the following)
    • As managers of Web deployment or management teams
    • Internet solutions engineers, designers, or project managers
    • Graphics production for Internet solutions
    • Integration of Static & Dynamic content solutions
    • Security, Content management, documentation management
  • Skills
    • HTML / DHTM
    • Java, JavaScript or other server and client side scripting technologies
    • RDBMS interfaces
    • Graphics design
  • Experience
    • Web site design
    • Web site management
    • Web graphics production with industry leading graphics packages
    • Layout, flow, and navigation controls
    • Content management
    • Project management
    • Client relationship
    • Interface design
    • Internet marketing

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