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Our Typical Customers include

Small Businesses
(All organizations without IT Departments)

Small businesses have many of the same I.T. requirements as larger organizations but don't have dedicated I.T. staff.  Without these professionals on site to manage existing resources, research new competing technologies, and implement updated solutions, your organization is at a competitive disadvantage.  You have to rely on your own expertise in managing your I.T. solutions, or those of some "friend" or "business associate" who says they are "good" with computers.  

Our customers focus on their expertise, and ask Enterprising I.T. Solutions to help them with their IT needs.

  • Accountants, CPAs & Accounting Firms
  • Architects & Engineering Firms
  • Attorneys & Legal firms
  • Financial institutions - Credit Unions
  • Medical & Dental Clinics
  • Real Estate Agencies, Appraisers
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Home Offices


As more organizations are facing the challenges of increased competition, and pressures for cost reductions in these tough economic times, many are turning to Telecommuting and the Home Office as a solutions, allowing workers access to corporate resources from within their Home.  With this new business strategy, comes additional business risks.  So whether you are a "remote" worker for a large organization, or a small business owner working out of your home, your IT needs are similar, Data protection, Virus Protection, Internet Access, and Intrusion Detection / Prevention. 

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we are providing Home Office users like you with the peace of mind of knowing your assets are protected.

  • Home based businesses
  • Corporate workers, working part time from their home
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Home Networks and Computer users

Today most homes have one or more computers for the family to use.  Almost all have some method of connecting to remote networks.  Some households have setup their own networks, proving shared access to printers, programs, data, and the Internet.  With the increased use of home computers comes an increased risk of safety, security, and privacy.  Maintaining the usability of your systems, while providing for the protection of your data, software, and privacy as well as the well being of your children and family, is a difficult task.

Enterprising I.T. Solutions is helping families safely use their systems without putting themselves, their systems, and their data in harms way.  

  • Computer users with one or more computers at home.
  • Individual with Broadband Internet, DSL / Cable based access.
  • Individuals with Young Children, Young Teenagers, or High School Children, who they want to be able to use the valuable information resources on the Internet, but in a safe manner.
  • Individuals who use the Internet for their own personal use, but are concerned with the increasing risks with “Being Connected”, protecting their privacy, ensuring that someone is NOT stealing their identity, hacking into their computer, or giving them viruses.

Also Specializing in Safe Computing solutions for

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