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With the explosive growth of the Internet, competition for customers has become fierce.   More consumers are finding solutions to their professional and personal needs by locating organizations online.  While the Internet will probably never replace your local grocery store, gas station, or cleaners, it is increasingly becoming a destination for individuals to research and locate companies to help them with their daily tasks.  

Online directories are becoming the #1 location people go to find who in the neighborhood provides and specialize in the services they need, like Accountants, Attorneys, Home Improvement specialists, even Retail shops.

Leveraging this inexpensive marketplace for your own competitive purposes is to your advantage.  While e-Commerce is not a sound business model for all organizations, e-Marketing, or placing information about your company online for prospective clients is.

However, e-Marketing and e-Commerce are not the only reasons for you to look to the Internet to extend the I.T. resources you use in your organization.  Email, Company Intranets, and Partner Extranets are also valid reasons to explore these new technologies.

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we help organizations like yours explore how Internet technologies can be leveraged in your organization to streamline your internal workflow as well as assist in prospecting for new customers, and keeping those that you already have.  

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