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Safety and security are the number one concerns of small businesses and home computer users.  How do they provide reliable computing solutions for their workers and families, while making sure their data and resources are protected?  Threats come in all shapes and sizes from the inconspicuous email advertisement brining you a "Trojan horse" to the "Cool-Graphic" your friend or co-worker just sent you that includes an unwanted guest in the form of a Virus or Worm.

Some threats are ever present, yet not thought about, like the threat of a power failure while you are working on a key document for your #1 client.  Others are only found when you venture out in the the uncharted waters known as the WWW (Wild Wild WEB).

Depending on the type of user and the computing resources you typically use, your risks vary in type, frequency, and impact. 

The security consultants at Enterprising I.T. Solutions can help you assess your vulnerabilities, research technologies to meet your specific needs, and recommend solutions to minimize your risk and fit your budget.

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