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Enterprising I.T. Solutions, is an organization of I.T. professionals dedicated to bringing Enterprise class I.T. management and solutions to small organizations that either can not afford or simply do not have their own I.T. department.


Our professionals come from a variety of background, including Systems Integration Service Providers, Certified Technical Instructors, Technical Project Management, Microsoft Networking Professionals, Novell Professionals, Unix Professional, as well as Database Specialists and Internet Architects.


To keep abreast of the ever changing I.T. technologies, we maintain business relationships with several other local & regional I.T. consulting organizations with their own focus of IT specialties. 


Together with our local and regional partners we are able to offer a single point of contact for a collection of professional I.T. services unavailable to organizations without a formal I.T. department.  


Through these relationships and the focus each brings to the solution set, we are able to keep your organization up to date with your I.T. resource investments. Allowing you to focus more on your business, and less on keeping your technology working for you.