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Business and Home users both make use of Broadband access to the Internet, and both are exposed to a substantial increase in risk because of it.  

With Dial-up access to the Internet, your computer is assigned a unique address, typically a different one every time you connect.  Only when you are connected are you directly exposed to risks from the Internet.  Because your system usually receives a new address each time you connect to the Internet, it is difficult for someone to hack into your system, or repeatedly access your system.

When you use a Broadband access solution, your connection to the Internet is an "Always on" type of connection, which means you typically have either a "Permanent" address, or the same one for several weeks to months at a time.  This increases your security risks, as your computer is always exposed to threat, and available for someone to hack into your system when ever your system is powered on.

To minimize or eliminate these risks, you need a comprehensive solution, that not only guards you against attacks when you are online, but also when you aren't.

Contact Security Analysts at Enterprising I.T. Solutions for a security review of your computing environment.

Specializing in multi-layer security solutions for Small Organizations and Home Computer users, we will work with you to analyze, design, and implement a solution to protect your computing assets.



Typical Technical issues and risks addressed for Broadband Internet connected user 

  • Port Scanning, is your "Broadband" connecting providing an easy path for Hackers to your computers? chances are that more than a few "Commonly Known Internet" ports are left unguarded, and exposed to intrusion by hackers.
  • Trojan Horses, does your connection to the Internet guard against unwanted "Outbound" traffic originating from your PC?. Trojan Horses reside on your PC, typically gathering information about you, your online transactions, bank accounts, credit cards, PINS and passwords, waiting for a time when you are not suspecting to send that data out to the Hacker who created them.
  • Intrusion Detection, Are hackers attempting to access your computer even now?  Intrusion Detection solutions monitor against attempts to gain access to your "Private" network from the Internet "Public" network.
  • Multi-Layer Firewalls, Just putting a simple $50.00 software package is not sufficient, true protection is found only in using a Multi-Layered Firewall approach.  A Multi-Layered Firewall, guards you against intrusions from multiple risk points, but hardware, and software, using configurable integrated components.
  • VPN Solutions, Secure encrypted connectivity to your branch or main office can be established from your home providing you with access to all the corporate resources from the comfort of your home.  Coupled with a multi-layered firewall, this protects your local computing assets as well as those of your remote connections at your branch or main office.

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