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Small Businesses


The technology needs of small businesses and organizations, while different from large enterprises and multi-national corporations share some similar risks, and concerns. 

However, unlike a typical large enterprise, the small businesses, and the small organizations don't have a full-fledged I.T. department at their disposal.  They typically either delegate the I.T. responsibilities to an existing manager or supervisor without the proper skills and focus, or they "find" help just when they need it, being reactive in their efforts.


Keeping abreast of the changing technologies is a daunting task even for professionals whose career depends on it. For a small business owner or manager of an organization, itís an additional challenge that will decrease their ability to efficiently perform their main jobÖ running their small business.

That's why you need an I.T. partner, an organization dedicated to keeping abreast of the ever changing I.T. landscape.  One who not only understands the current and emerging technologies, but how they can help your organization achieve its goals, and be successful.  

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we specialize in helping small organizations plan for their technology needs.  With experience in Local Area Networking, Desktop Management, Data Protection, Systems Integration, Internet Solutions, Remote Office / Branch Connectivity, and Security, we can help your organization effectively take control of its current I.T. resources, and review, plan for, and implement emerging technologies to increase your employees productivity.



Typical Technical concerns of Small Businesses

  • Desktop configuration and management 
  • Virus Protection  
  • Data management
  • Local security  
  • Remote connectivity, firewalls, intrusion detection and, security  
  • Performance tuning
  • Network speed and desktop performance
  • Software upgrades & patch management

So if your business is like most organizations your computers are not running at their best, you probably have more than one exiting yet unknown security hole, and you, your staff, or your existing I.T. support spend much more time managing your systems than is necessary.  Call Enterprising I.T. Solutions today to have us help you take control over your I.T. resources, and get back to running your business.


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