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working together; combined action or operations
cooperative action of discrete agencies such that the total effect is greater than thee sum of the effects taken independently.

Collaboration between partners and suppliers is becoming a strategic requirement to effectively compete in today's economic climate.  In the Automotive markets, Tier 1 Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers have worked together for decades, pooling resources, coordinating R & D efforts, engineering, and production capabilities to meet the ever increasing demands the "Big Three" impose on those who want to do business with them.  

This cooperative work environment has begun to take root in other industries, as organizations specialize on unique Niche markets, partnering with complementary organization provides the best of both world, a robust solution, yet a "nimble" organization.


Central to the ability of organizations to work collaboratively on projects is the ability to share data, and applications in a secure, managed environment.  Taking the best of traditional corporate Networks, and the ease of use of the "Internet", I.T. savvy organizations are establishing semi-private networks, with simple user interfaces to find, share, and manage data, projects, and business relationships.

A corner stone to this effort is the establishing of "Virtual Private Networks" and extending those to include managed access with Business partners.  Through the use mainstream, proven Internet Technologies such "Web Sites", "Search Engines", "FTP Servers", and the new breed of collaborative work environments that grew out of yesterdays simple email solutions, corporate partners are sharing data, and resources in highly secure and productive ways.


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