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Intro To Your PC


Our exclusive  "Intro to your PC" service gets you up and running again quickly with your components setup, connectivity configurations, and 1 hour of basic systems use review / training. 

You have a job to do, a business to run, or household to manage, you don't have the time to unpack, setup your system, all its peripherals and make sure they all still work.  You just want things to work like they used to, or correctly "Just out of the Box".  Don't spend hours trying to learn how to setup your system properly, pulling out your hair, or just making do with what ever you can muddle together on your own.  Let consultants from Enterprising I.T. Solutions put your system back in place for you, and get a hands-on refresher on using your system to boot.

"Intro to your PC" is the on-site setup, configuration, and  basic user systems training solution for you.  It includes complete computer system setup, configuration, connectivity to Local Area Networks, connectivity to the Internet, and the peripherals in your home or business with one hour of basic systems use review / training included. For only $125.00 check out how we can help you:
  • System delivery and setup
  • Local IDs & Passwords review, revise, reset
  • Network access verification
  • Local application access & Startup menu reconfiguration
  • Configuration and verification of connectivity to your Peripherals (Scanners, Printers, Digital Cameras etc).
  • Network connectivity
  • Internet connectivity


One hour of basic systems use review / training includes:
  • Booting the computer (Power on, shut down, power off)
  • Logging into the operating system & Network
  • Mouse use, pointers, and tips.
  • Review of groups/folders and icons
  • Organizing your systems files (Where should you save that file
  • File management (Saving files, Moving Files, Copying Files)
  • Saving a file to a 3 floppy disk
  • Launching a program (from a Start Menu, Desktop, or by opening a document)
  • Closing a program (What NOT to do, and what to do)
  • Printing to a printer (tips on modifying print jobs)
  • Using a fax - modem
  • Using a CD ROM, CDR-RW, or DVD-ROM
  • Connecting to the Internet and on-line services
  • Miscellaneous topics specific to your computer or personal computing needs
  • A review of other computing issues and solutions to aid in your computer use.
Service is provided on-site at your home or business