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System Health Checkups


Technology is always changing, new solutions, updates, upgrades, and enhancements seem to come out almost every week.  Many are frivolous, and unnecessary for the continued operations of your business, home office, or personal computer.  Some are critical updates that repair "Problems" & "Issues" that the original manufacturer has known about and not yet fixed, problems that cost you time and aggravation, leading to unproductive time or worse yet an unusable computer system.

More important are the "Updates & Repairs" that remove your risks, like the almost infinite stream of "Required" or "Critical" updates from Microsoft, in an attempt to plug holes that are being exploited by Hackers to gain access to systems like yours, and your personal data everyday.

To help remove these "Problems", "Issues", and "Risks", Enterprising I.T. Solutions can conduct a comprehensive System Health Checkup on your computers.


A typical Systems Health Checkup can provide you with an assessment of each systems Hardware, Software, Operating System, Internal Components, Peripherals, and Connectivity issues along with recommendations to correct these issues.


When done with the Systems Health Checkup, Enterprising I.T. Solutions will provide you with a report informing you of the health of your systems, as well as prioritizing any issues that should be resolved.


All services will be billed on a Time & Materials basis, at the conclusion of the analysis.


Contact Enterprising I.T. Solutions today for your complimentary Systems Health Checkup at 313-274-2867 or Services @ EntSols.com