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Systems Integration

As your business has grown, your dependence on computer solutions has grown with it. Over time the number of workstations, software, and individual systems configurations has become more numerous and complex. Now it is increasingly more challenging to effectively implement new systems and perform upgrades and installations without upsetting your daily work routine, or having to “come-in on the weekends” to minimize your downtime. 

With years of hands-on experience integrating systems, the staff of Enterprising I.T. Solutions efficiently performs all phases of network and systems implementation, from project planning and management, through network infrastructure implementation, and network server and workstation installations.

Enterprising I.T. Solutions leverages its experience with industry leading infrastructure technologies to design and build solutions that meet the needs of its customers. With a focus on helping our customer's minimize the impact of technology changes on their daily operations, our systems integration team communicates throughout the organization with your employees to effectively manage change.

Our experienced team works closely with you in the design and implementation phases to ensure your specifications and technical requirements are met. 


All services will be billed on a Time & Materials basis, at the conclusion of the analysis.


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