Enterprising I.T. Solutions




Upgrades & Data Migration


Technology changes daily, are you keeping up with it?  Are all your systems up to date? Have you been experiencing intermittent or ongoing problems with one or more of your computers?  Do your computers routinely "Act up" or "Not Run" as well as they used to or AT ALL?

Maybe all you need is a few simple updates or minor modifications to your system.  At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we help individuals and small organizations get the most out of their IT investments, by helping them keep their systems in top running order.  Coupled with a System Health Checkup, our Upgrades & Data Migration service can have your computers running at peak performance, not acting up, and actually helping you do your work, whether it be running a small business, or just managing your household.


Fees are based on the work done, parts are priced separately, and can be purchased through Enterprising I.T. Solutions, or Directly by you from your favorite Computer Parts Supplier.