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Data Backups, Intrusion detection / prevention, Complete Virus Solutions

Data protection is one of the most overlooked area's of a smaller organization's I.T. resources. 

Unfortunately, over 60% of smaller organizations that lose their data will go under with in 6-12 months of their loss.

Protection from this catastrophic risk is only a phone call away.  Integrated organization wide data protection solutions that remove the risk of catastrophic data loss and the resulting collapse of your business are easily within the reach of all organizations.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention is an emerging risk for both smaller organizations, and Home Office / Home network users alike.  Identify theft is rising at alarming rates, and may soon become the #1 risk to users in smaller organizations and Home Office / Home networks.

Fortunately, protection is both affordable and easily implemented using currently available solutions from recognized industry leaders.  

Virus Protection is perhaps the most pervasive problem facing all organizations.  Without the dedicated staff of an I.T. department, or security specialists, your valuable data, programs, and client information is at risk.  Everyday new Viruses, Worms, Trojan horses, and aggressive Active-X programs are being released into the general computing environment.  Major software vendors release security notices and "Fixes" weekly to help stem the tide of these malicious programs intrusion and effects on your organizations systems.

Complete virus protection is often overlooked in smaller organization, often with devastating consequences.  

The cost of overlooking a complete solution can be a catastrophic loss of data, and system functionality, including complete corruption of a computer's drives and configurations.

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