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Home computing is not just for computer professionals.  Today more people rely on their home computer to help with school, work, managing their house, and even small businesses.  Everyday more of our daily activities are touched by technology, and often improved.


Home Networks are one of the hottest electronic additions to the average American household.  With the addition of high-speed Internet access, the home computer has become a hub of information, access, and entertainment.  With the added availability comes additional concerns, risks, and issues.

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we help the average Home Computer user, understand the issues and risks facing them, and help make sure their systems not only run as effectively as they would like, but also are as secure, safe, and reliable as possible.



Typical concerns for Home Network  & PC users

  • Local system security 
  • Access to the Internet - (See Broadband clients for more details).
  • Email
  • WEB site access 
  • Virus Protection 
  • Data Protection / Backups 
  • Intrusion detection
  • Version upgrades & patch management

So if your computers are not running at their best, they keep "Crashing", or are doing "Funny things".   Call Enterprising I.T. Solutions today to have us help you get your systems running in top shape, and help get the most out of your computer(s).

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