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The Home Office computing environment is becoming an increasingly used solution for workers in both the corporate environment as well as those who work for themselves in partnership, or as a sole proprietor.  Relying on your computer as a tool to help you efficiently carry out the tasks of your job is the sole initial purpose for having a computer in your Home Office.  

Whether you use your Home Office computer merely as a way to stay connected with work via E-Mail, or you depend heavily on your Home Office computer to function remotely from your office, protecting it, and guaranteeing it's continued running are critical to the success of your Home Office


That's where Enterprising I.T. Solutions can help you.  With years of experience in managing, and implementing IT solutions, we can help you make sure your Home Office is secure, and that you get the most out of your Home Office.



Typical technical concerns for Home Offices

  • Local system security  
  • Access to the Internet - (See Broadband clients for more details)
  • Email 
  • WEB site access 
  • Other online Services
  • Virus Protection  
  • Data Protection / Backups  
  • Intrusion detection 
  • Identity protection 

So if your home office is like most organizations your computers are not running at their best, you probably have more than one exiting yet unknown security hole, and you spend much more time managing your systems than is necessary.  Call Enterprising I.T. Solutions today to have us help you take control over your IT resources, and get back to running your business.

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