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Why Do I need a Web Site?




What can a Web Presence do for my business? I've been successful for years without a web site, can it do something for me now that I'm not already doing?

Chance are that your organization is like most other small businesses, your advertising dollars are almost as important to the success of your business as how your employees spend their time working.  

Getting compelling, competitive information to your prospects without spending too much of your time or that of your employees is critical.


Ask yourself or your organization these questions

  • How do you attract customers now?
  • How do people interested in the specialties of your organization find out about you, your specialties, and the advantages of doing business with you?
  • How much time do you, and your employees spend talking to "prospects" on the phone each week, telling the same story over and over about your products, services, and why they should do businesses with you?
  • Are there people who could use your products or services who are not even considering your business because they don't know about you, or how to find you?
  • Are potential customers going to your competition because they know more about their products, services, location, specialties, and personnel than they do about yours?
  • How often would that information make a difference in attracting new customers who don't call your organization?

Today, consumers are looking to the Internet as a source of information about events happening around the world, and where to find companies offering the services they need.

Corporate Web sites provide organizations with a cost effective way to reach vast numbers of local, regional, and even national or international prospects with strategic messages about the goods and services they provides.


Contact Enterprising IT Solutions to see how they can help you with you marketing and advertising by implementing a Corporate Web site, as well as other Intranet, Internet & Extranet solutions.