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Safe Computing for Adults




You are an adult, and not as easily fooled by the “Internet Predators” as your children and teenagers.  So while you can protect yourself or allow your Internet experiences to include a wider range of subject matter than your children, you still are at risk with unwanted intrusion, invasion of your privacy, and protection of your computer software and data. 

But how do you properly guard your computer from the risks of being online?

There are many solution, each claming to be the best, the only, the simplest… but you’re skeptical, realizing that “Short cuts” often leave out critical elements, and usually end-up costing more in time and money in the long run.


You don’t have the time to research all the solutions, nor even to learn enough about your risks to make an informed decision on your own. You just want your computers to work for you, safely, efficiently, and effectively without costing you too much in time and money.

That’s why you’re looking for help.

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we can help you analyze your current computing environment, identifying areas of risk, and issues of your concern. Then together we can work to plan a comprehensive set of solutions to minimize your risks, address your issues, and solve your problems.

Typical topics addressed in a Personal Systems Audit / Analysis.

  • Data Security – Is your data safe from unwanted access? Is your data protected from Hardware and software failure? Is your computer protected from Viruses, and Worms
  • Privacy – Is your identity, credit card information, and other personal information protected from unwanted, or unplanned exposure to the outside world?
  • Intrusion Detection – Is your computer protected from hackers trying to get in at your system, to steal your data, to infest your computer with Viruses, or Trojan Horses, or to steal your identity?
  • Reliability – Is your system reliable? Is the software up to date with patches and fixes? Are there hardware or software “Issues” that you put off solving because they are not TOO bad?
  • Manageability – Is your system manageable. Can you efficiently keep it protecting your personal information, and assets?

The Costs of NOT protecting your information resources can be monumental.  The frequency of Identity theft, credit card fraud, and other invasions of your personal and financial resources are increasing every day.  

Protect your future, and your family, contact Security Consultants at Enterprising I.T. Solutions today to discuss how we can begin to help you protect your family online with a comprehensive Home Computing Security analysis.

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