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Safe Computing for Children




Allowing your children to go online and experience the wondrous resources provided by the World Wide Web and the “Internet” is a challenging decision to make. While there are a great many resources available to help your children, there are many “Less Than Benevolent” predators lurking in amongst the good, waiting to take advantage of or exploit you, your computer, your information, or worse your children…

With the explosive rise in computer access and Internet use by children comes a new threat to your children… the Internet predator. Keeping your children off the net is like telling them not to go into the “Cookie Jar”… It works when you are around, but when you are not there… or they are somewhere else, you are at risk.


While you can’t ensure that your children can always be 100% safe when they are out of your site, you can put in place tools to help you when you are not there with them using a home computer.

At Enterprising I.T. Solutions, we can help you analyze your current computing environment, identifying areas of risk, and issues of concern you have with your children's use of computers and the Internet. Then together we can work to plan a comprehensive set of solutions to minimize their risks, address your issues, and solve your problems.


Typical Online resources and the risks they can present to your children


Online Resources 

Issues & Risks  
  • Web Site  
Improper content, Explicit material, Violent images, Pornographers, access to gambling, drugs and alcohol.  
  • On-Line Chats
Explicit Language, Solicitation for illegal activity.  
  • Newsgroups
Improper content, Adult Themes, Adult Images.  
  • Email
Direct contact with strangers who may be looking to exploit your children. Distribution of Viruses, Pornography, Hate Messages. Solicitation for illegal services or products.  
  • FTP Download sites
Adult content, (Pornography), Violent or Hate oriented messages.  

Additional Risks

  • Child Pornographers
  • Internet Predators, and Pedophiles
  • Identity Thieves
  • Computer Viruses



To effectively minimize or remove these risks you have to do more than just throw a $50.00 software package at them.  The solution may be a combination of Hardware and Software, and will require your participation in reviewing and monitoring your children’s activities.

  • Securing – Making sure the computer(s) your children use have the necessary security tools in place to prevent intrusion from the outside.
  • Restriction – Making sure the proper restriction are put in place to prevent your children from going to the wrong places on the Internet.
  • Filtering – Making sure that the wrong information, violent, exploitative, explicit, or other undesirable words, images, and conversations are not part of your child’s online experience.
  • Lock Down – Making sure that the Software solutions put in place on these computers stay in place. Ensuring that your children don’t install additional software to get around the safety measures you have put in place. Ensuring that your children don’t “Modify” the restrictions and safeguards implement rendering them ineffective.
  • Monitoring – Routinely monitoring your children’s online activities, checking when they have been online, for how long, where they have been going, and what they have been seeing & reading.
  • Privacy – Restricting access to your online identities, your personal information, and your computer use.

The Cost of NOT protecting your Children… simply is your children, and at a minimum the loss of their childhood… There are enough pressures from unwanted societal forces constantly challenging the values you teach your children, pulling them away from you.

Contact Security Consultants at Enterprising I.T. Solutions today to discuss how we can help you protect your children online. 

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